Things I am certain of:

feck, buggah, bollocks and wankah are alive and sodding well, let me tell you
-wow, people dress well here
-if you don’t get it, and don’t pay attention, you will indeed be mowed down by a double red fucking decker
-you won’t find garbage bags at your local Tesco until you ask for ‘wheelie bin liners’
-british women wear loads of perfume, as a rule
-exactly no one is going to smile back at me on the street. fine.
-the cold is different, in that it is absolutely BONE CHILLING
-getting anything done is a nightmare – top of my list at the moment, securing a home phone number
-i am slowly getting used to it
-being a lady of leisure is not for me. i need a job. for the interaction, the challenge, and the paycheque

Beds arrive Thursday, Furbaby Friday. Christmas morning will not find us on an air mattresses or Ruby-less, thank you god for small favours.

We went on our first ‘mini-break’ this weekend. For the most part it was fun and invigorating and just what I needed. Even if it included being propositioned by the heiress to an American beef jerky fortune for a little fun with her and her fiance.

Say it with me now, …’only me’.

If blogger would allow me to post my fecking photos, I would write about it.

‘Tis the season.

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