day four, still chaos

We have already managed to lock ourselves in our house (yes, I said in our house), set off the ear piercing alarm for an embarassing amount of time, and go several hours without heat because for the life of us we could not find a thermostat or anything that looked remotely like one. Suddenly we live here, and at every turn we’re reminded how overwhelming that is. No advice or planning could have remotely prepared us for it, and it’s fantastic.

Operating a dishwasher, buying necessities, finding a clock radio – all challenges. We did manage to find the best little farmer’s market ever, we’ve had pints at the pub after walking for hours on end, and Stu cooked our first meal last night. Only our air shipment has arrived, which means blankets, towels, two of each necessary kitchen item, and our iPod dock. We decided our desire to get out of the crowded hotel room was just strong enough to get us to rough it a bit until everything else arrives. So for now we sleep on the floor next to the fireplace. Beside us are the two folding chairs we found at Woolworth’s and a carboard box as a table. Let’s see how long we call it an adventure.

So much more to tell and pictures to share, but we also need a sofa, phone line and my top priority, a Christmas tree. Soon.


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